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About Us

CIBN was formally established at the end of 2018 after inviting local Indigenous business owners who were interested to be a part of the development of a network that worked collectively to support the cultural practice of inclusiveness.

Our aim is to support Indigenous businesses and enable increased engagement of Indigenous businesses in procurement activities and supply chairs, across all Government and private sector businesses.


Through this we will:

  • Broaden business opportunities for our members;

  • Improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities;

  • Seek funding opportunities to support Indigenous business;

  • Promote culture, education and employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities.



Be a strong network of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ACT business’ that embraces culture and supports our members;

  • Grow our network and community presence to maximise business opportunities for the network members;

  • Provide support for all members to grow capacity and better engage with the Government and private sector;

  • Work together to lobby our contacts to partner and grow the rich capacity and skills available in the ACT for benefit of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business.


We have brought together a collaborative dynamic group of Indigenous Business Owners from the Canberra Region to showcase our talents.


Provided ACT region with a trusted body that works with business and the community to improve the lives of Indigenous Peoples.


We provide human resource/industrial relations support, collaboration, peer mentoring and networking opportunities.

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